Ken Hoagland wants to raise a taxpayer revolt.   I'm up fer it.   Brett McMann of ABC blasts Governor Culver's Project Labor Agreement  executive order.    Then a  shop teacher says he must allow a kid to build a Wiccan worship alter in shop class or be fired...  sigh.

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What new gun regs in Iowa are concerning 2nd Amendment advocates? Dr. Alan Koslow is looking for used prosthetics for Haiti...inspiring story.  Then,  an orca kills its there an Iowa link?

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More text message nonsense.  Michael Stanier talks about how to  "Do More Great Work" ...says technology sometimes makes us less efficient. 

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 Congressman Tom Price visits Iowa to turn up the heat on the healthcare debate.    Congressman Steve King  has bugged the progressives....again.   And what will the jury do with the Becker insanity plea?

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Consumer to not get ripped off.   Chuck Hurley wants Iowa to have a vote on marriage.  Gov. Mike Huckabee coming to town to help out.

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Tiger Wood's major mea culpa...and will a text message ban target minorities?   And is Iowa more windy than ever ever knew?   And we fix a buncha stuff.  

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Noah Boyd...novelist..."The Brick Layer"...former FBI agent....great stories.   Then,  the unions are calling it "Reasonable Re-imbursement"  instead of "Fair Share"... will that fly?

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Dr.Cal Beisner sticks the knife into the corpse of the global warming conspiracy...and twists the blade.   Congressman Steve King shoots a marauding raccoon...Iowan's tell their own stories.

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A little audio doodling re: the Gov... then,  an animal cruelty story grabs the attention of Iowa.

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Global warming activists admit they made it up,  but say it was a useful lie.  Cheney and Powell say gay rights is a generational issue...and attitudes have changed.  Therefore?  Lotsa talk.

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