The highest achieving kids credit faith for their success.  Who woulda thought?  Then,  how much bias is there in academia?  Iowans have opinions.

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 Jenifer Bowen from Iowa Right to Life wants to block an infanticide clinic from opening in Council Bluffs.  Contact your legislator.   Governor Huckabee in Iowa to talk about his new book..."Simple Government."   Oh,  Senator Harkin has re-written the Constitution.

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Obama says he won't defend DOMA.  Iowans really want in on the debate.  And Iowan's aren't too thrilled with the behavior public labor unions either.  Gov. Christie is our new hero.   Wanna hear the new theme song of  SEIU?   "Take "Em Down"...

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Girls wrestling boys.  The Iowa story which keeps popping up nationally.  Then,  media bias covering the Wisconsin public employee's protests.  Iowans respond to the Iowa sympathy rallies.

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The Iowa judiciary selection process is flawed...ways to fix it...  Federalist and law professor Stephen Ware with reform ideas to make the process more democratic.   Then Rep Lance Horbach  with HSB 117....labor reform in Iowa to save money and avoid the Wisconsin problems.

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Iowans take a closer look at the public employee labor strife in Wisconsin.   The Iowa T-Party is planning a counter protest at the union demonstration at the Iowa Statehouse.

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Rep Kim Pearson gets HF 153 started in committee.  If passed,  abortion would be illegal in Iowa.  Iowans respond to the public employee unrest in Wisconsin.  Unrest. Then,  Suzy.

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A top young man wrestler has refused to compete against a qualified female high school wrestler because he and his parents object to the propriety of the contact.   Iowans REALLY have strong opinions.  Fascinating

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The Democrats are bashing Governor Terry Branstad for "double dipping"...Iowans offer political advice.  And what about what's going on in Wisconsin?  Governor Clark and the their new legislature has canceled their collective bargaining agreement with the state employee's union.  Hit the fan.

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Huh, Oh... Johnny Cash was a  gun grabbin' liberal?  Who knew?  Then... Whadamean I can't bobby trap my stuff?  Congressman King talks about defunding Obamacare.    And what a great website!... love it when Senator Gronstal's name can be turned into a verb.   And look at what the  villiage atheists  did on your property this time.

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