Monday July 31 2006

Back from vacation...  "Take This Job and Ship It"   Senator Byron Dorgan describes  How Corporate Greed and Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America"...   then,  Gov Mitt Romney  in Iowa for a fundraiser  "hugs a tar baby"...  big mistake? 

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Friday July 28 2006 Steve Winzenberg in for vacationing Jan Mickelson   (No Program Description)
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Thursday July 27 2006 Bob Quinn in for vacationing Jan Mickelson     (no program description)
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Wednesday July 26 2006 Evan Stuart for vacationing Jan Mickelson    What does it mean to be an American?
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Ross Peterson filled in as host for Jan Mickelson.  Ross talked to local activist Pete Rose, who is calling for the resignation of two Des Moines City Council members for their part in the CIETC scandal.  This is roughly 40 minutes of Tuesday's broadcast.

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Monday July 24th 2006

Trent Rice for vactioning Jan Mickelson  (no program descriptions)

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Friday July 21 2006 Trent Rice for vacationing Jan Mickelson   (no program description)
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Thursday July 20 2006

Feedback on the stem cell veto.  Then,  should Iowa raise the minimum wage?  Elaine Ditsler and Peter Fisher from the Iowa Policy Project say Iowa has fallen behind.

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Wednesday July 19 2006

Hey!   Iowa has landed the USYSA Nationals...a hugely prestigious soccer tournament.  Big honor, big bucks.  West Des Moines Soccer  guru Frank Gurnick with the story.   Then,  those refugees from war in Lebanon are what from where?   And the want OUR help?   Then,  Senator Harkin has a big day with the success of his stem cell bill.   Then,  President's ethicist Dr. Leon Cass  tells why it should be vetoed.

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Tuesday  July 18 2006

How much is your collectible car worth?  Dana Mecum  and Larry Kline answer our sheet metal lust questions. 815-568-8888   Then,  is the Marriage Protection Act a scam?  Andrea Lafferty from the Traditional Values Coalition thinks so.   Then,  should we "rescue"  the 25,000 Americans in Lebanon? 

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