To drone or not to drone...that's the question.  Then,  Iowa hugged the Common Core tar baby.   Can we un-hug?   Henry Burke is a civil engineer.  Says Iowa's commitment to the Common Core is a big mistake.  Then, Senator Brad Zaun intros legislation to kill it.

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As I recall from the last legislative session, promises were made to some of  the newbies that some of their important, but socially hot button issues, were  going to be delayed until this current session. Now it appears that the  leadership class of both parties have agreed to move the funnel dates for this  session up two weeks to prevent controversial, non-budget issues to be brought  up to avoid controversy and to get back home to begin campaigning. Gone are two  weeks from the session. Take a look.

Concurrent Resolutions that amended the Joint Rules of the House and Senate  and chopped two full weeks off of our funnel deadlines. The specific resolutions  are House Concurrent Resolution 104 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 101.

Here’s how it happened:

The Senate filed SCR 101 on the first day of session, January 13, 2014 and it  was immediately placed on their calendar, seen here on page 9 of Senate Journal.

As soon as it was placed on the calendar, Senator Gronstal asked for and  received unanimous consent to immediately consider SCR 101, indicated on page 10 of Senate Journal.

Then Senator Gronstal made the motion to adopt SCR 101 and the motion  prevailed by a voice vote. SCR 101 was immediately messaged to the House (also  on page 10 of the Senate Journal).

On the second day of the session, January 14, 2014, Representative Upmeyer  asked for and received unanimous consent to immediately consider HCR 104 (which  is identical to SCR 101) – This is on page 50 of the House Journal.

SCR 101 was substituted for HCR 104 and Representative Windschitl made the  motion to adopt SCR 101 and the motion prevailed by a voice vote, seen on pages 51 and 52 of House Journal.

Almost no legislator outside of leadership – either Republican or Democrat –  that realized what they voted on. They just trusted the process.

Now many of the pieces of legislation and issues which politicians ran on  will be left on the early funnel room floor. A number of legislators feel like  their leadership has played them. They may have a case. There are some very  unhappy legislators.

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