Dr. Lee Hieb, Libertarian Party Candidate for governor.  Issues.  Great as usual.  Then,  unintentional humor is the best.  Then wrestling over the theology of forgiveness.  Unforgivable.

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Bob Dane says expect more executive order Obama nonsense during the legislative Summer break.  Thomas Woods say Joni Ernst is exactly right on the "nullification" issue...Jefferson agrees.   Sheriff McCarthy is selling whoppers,  but not at Burger King.

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Senator Rand Paul talks about the collapse of checks and balances.  The Benham Brothers inspire with their story of over-coming the PC Nazis.  And Walmart may have carded too many Iowans.  They are Not happy.

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Bob Vander Platts highlights the upcoming Family Leadership Summit.  Congressman Steve King is discouraged about the lack of interest of some Americans including his own party leadership to protect our rights and Constitution.  Ashley McGuire from The Catholic Association blasts Obama for the nomination of Rabbi Saperstein for Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom...his first act?  Blasting the Hobby Lobby decision.  Plus, Iowa educrats are dumbing down their grading system...again.

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Brooke Charleston, with an insight into sex trafficking...back from Thailand.  Inspiring.  Professor Peter Mathews "Dollar Democracy"...then, Congressman King breaks out the "Impeachment" word for Obama's threatened lawless amnesty executive orders.

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Dr. Mary's Monkey...Edward Haslam tries to re-write some history about the polio virus, Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.   An unarmed bank robber, plus a track team loses the championship...why?  

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Mark Lucas--Iowa State Director of Americans for Prosperity...targeting Braley.  Matt Whitaker from Liberty Institute represents Bob Eschliman, former editor of the Newton Daily News, fired for privately criticizing the gay lobby. And honoring those who make the world work.  Helmets for bikers (motorized)?  The bikes, not the helmets.

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Jon Neiderbach, Democrat candidate for State Auditor.  Issues. Professor Roger McKoewn describes the Obamacare court snafus.  Secretary of State Matt Schultz disenfranchises dead people.  And the Crony Christian Capitalist "faith-based" cons continue the caper.  (that may be an alliteration record of some kind)...blowing the whistle.

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Illegal toy guns,  the debate aabout M-16's, Mattel, Randy Couture, Iowa wrestling history, MMA, Mike Chapman, the evils of Ragbrai, and Iowa passive-aggressive.

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 David Bozell calls upon Reince Priebus to discipline Thad Cochran's slimy run-off campaign against Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi senate race. Then,  Iowans respond to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine. Spirited.

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