The Christmas wrapping quality conspiracy...a perfect gift for a truck driver...and the top 10 sports movies of all time.  And a great newer Christmas song.

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Tom Coates and Ernie Goss challenge the notion of positive economic benefits the the Iowa gambling "industry".  Tim Graham reports on the Notable Quotable media silliness for 2014.  Iowa Education is far worse than we thought.  What if we used the real numbers?  Ouch.  And Radio Dust plays some live music.  Nice.

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Lenden Eakin says we are facing another 2nd Amendment Showdown: the looming Crises over Gun Control.  Great update.  Former Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney talks about the Global Vatican...Islam and Cuba.  And California is gonna experience an egg shortage January 1.  Cool. 

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MSNBC  pundits pundit warn candidates not to blow off Iowa.  Jon Huntsman says he made a mistake when he avoided Iowa.  James Rickards says the economy is fragile in our currency wars.  Obama declares a new relationship with Cuba.  Senator Rand Paul ruminates about Cuba, amnesty, and presidential powers.

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Sam Clovis...issues.   Jeff Traviss...TV Techie Talk....Tim  Pagliara...the lawsuit to get Fannie And Freddie back for the investors.

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 Brian Morris...special forces expert... Green Beret Pocket Guide to Terrorism Awareness and Personal Security.    The Crapulous budget bill vote is again a case of follow the money.  And Iowans don't know what to do with an extra lane.

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Iowans respond to the Crapulous budget a gas tax hike...Iowans approve of torture...would start with the political class.

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Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies wants a chunk of Iowa's Jethro's action.  Jethro's owner, Bruce Gerleman,  explains.  And where that bubblin' crude bubbled from where?  Prepper Bankers?  And more tithing with OPM.   Then,  dirt rustling in Iowa?  And more about burying pipelines.  And,  what's a mote?

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 Pastor James Weaver remembers the Poland trip.  Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson tells moms to warn their boys against the feminist rape culture on the college campus.  Professor Kristine Tidgren wonders about the property rights of Iowa farmers dealing with pipelines and power lines.  A bunch of other Iowans wonder too.

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Keeping your license as an app on your phone?  Then, Des Moines Central Campus students stage a  faculty approved "die in" in solidarity with  demonstrations around the country.  Iowans evaluate the language and tactics of the occasion.   Spirited.

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