My sister Sonja has a post abortion class to help woman with the post abortion trauma.  Iowans join her efforts in recommending support and adoption in Iowa. Personhood Iowa, Ruth Harbor Agape Pregnancy Center, Restored by Grace (515-232-8000) , Lutherans for Life, Informed Choice...just a few in Iowa offering a pro-life safety net.  Then,  Betsey McCaughey responds to the admission of an Obamacare designer that they lied it into existence.  Then,  the four attributes of the criminal mind mirrored by the political class to perfection.  

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 Dr. Stanton Samenow gets Inside the Criminal Mind.  Great insight into the scam our criminal justice system has become.  BVP is bringing Dr. Ben Carson to Iowa...issues.  Then,  an Iowa farmer goes into a rant about the damage caused by the Iowa deer population.  Vigorous.

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Mitch Zuckoff brings us 13 Hours: The Inside Story of What Really Happened in Benghazi.  Then another Gronstal victory kicks Republican butt...again.  Story City moons the trucking industry, blocking a Luvs from coming to town. Truck drivers not happy.   And the Governor is pitching a post election gas tax hike,  as predicted.   BOOM!

Direct download: mickelson-2014-11-07.mp3
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Betsey McCaughey tells exactly which parts of Obamacare need to be revoked.   Don Nielsen, Every School: One Citizen's Guide to Transforming Education  says we hafta fix it.  Then Iowans are wondering about the integrity of the absentee voting system...very worried.  Stories of election day puzzlement.

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Mickelson contributes to the moral delinquency of a squirrel.  Then, former Iowa Central Committee chair, AJ Spiker, pundit Steve Deace, Doug Gross and Tamara Scott dissect the midterm elections.  And some thoughts on the meaning of the elections in Iowa.

Direct download: mickelson-2014-11-05.mp3
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Election Day.  Iowans do some last minute politicking and respond to the Brownshirts who tried to disrupt Joni Ernst on campus.  Early voting reports and some candidate supporters...vigorous

Direct download: mickelson-2014-11-04.mp3
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 Harkin says Joni is purdy.  Shinola hits the fan.  Reince Priebus gives a pre-election impressions.  Congressman Steve King makes post election issues predictions.  Dr. Marrientta Miller-Meeks candidate for Congress.  Eric Rosenthal want Iowans to be on the look-out for election shenanigans.

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Dr. Brad Harrub is speaking at the Newton DMACC tonight 7pm (Friday 31st) on the creation-evolution debate--PhD in neurobiology.  Smart and funny guy.   James O'Keefe has busted voter fraud, rampant in North Carolina.  Larry Cunningham says Berkshire can go Beyond Buffett.   Was Joni in combat?  Democrats try to make it an issue.  Secretary of State Matt Schulz with last minute absentee ballot issues.

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 Dr. Lee Hieb...taxes, Ebola, issues. World Series stories...again, say "No" to a gas tax hike until the Iowa political class fixes the cost of illegals.  And Braley says millionaires don't deserve representation.

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Turned out to be a 2nd Amendment day.  First,  Story County Sheriff  Fitzgerald appears in a confusing anti-Ernst attack add. Then the  Iowa Firearms Coalition and other 2nd Amendment activists talk about last minute rights issues.  Barry Snell and Jeff Burkett from the Iowa Firearms Coalition...Timothy Knight, architect of the Colorado Recall, Colorado Second Amendment Association....Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense.  Spirited and informative.

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