Openline Friday—school kids vote for President—results are amazing.  Then,  is it true that there is no such thing as an unemployed truck driver?  Wayne Allyn Root talks about the Power of Relentless.

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Senator Rand Paul delivers a great speech limiting refugee’s access to welfare—and he gets shoot down by his own party.  Does the pressure cooker info-mercial make sense?   Senator Marco Rubio has presidential issues.   And Whoopie says Timothy McVeigh and Hitler were Christians so knock of the anti-Muslim talk.  Malarkey of course.

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Bob Vander Platts with Family Leader talks about up-coming Presidential Family  Forum.    Faith McDonnell says the USA ought to be more concerned about what’s happening to Christians in Syria and Iraq.   Then, David Limbaugh has broken The Emmaus Code.    Then,  drug store Muslims lie to Iowans—again.

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Attorney William Kutmus and Rep Greg Heartsill think the DNR has been given too much discretionary power and are misusing forfeiture laws.  Defending a trophy deer hunter whose trophy was taken by DNR.

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Deborah Jian Lee is Rescuing Jesus:  How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism.    Then,  the real meaning of what happened in Paris in being intentionally missed by the US and Iowa political class…because they are multiculturalists.  Congressman Steve King endorses Senator Ted Cruz.

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Mark Meckler really wants to have another Convention of the States to fix the holes in the Constitution.   Mary Baures says Love Heals Baby Elephants.    And Donald Trump thinks Iowans who support Dr. Ben Carson are stupid.

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Dr. Ed Gogek writes, Marijuana Debunked:  an handbook for parents, pundits, and politicians who want to know the case against legalization.  Senator Rand Paul—post-debate issues.   Michael Luick-Thrams  with a display of Iowa history.

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Teahl Bader has a tender heart for single parents—single parent provision.    Club for Growth—David McIntosh—reviews debate.   Bob Raines warns Clive and the rest of us that FEMA is lusting over flood-plain money.   Jude Eden lobbies against the repeal of the combat exemption for women in the military.

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Alex Hannold is Alone on the Wall—world class solo mountain climber.   Stories.   Mark Meckler from Citizens for Self-Governance wants another Constitutional Convention.  And telling stories about Dr. Ben Carson.

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Dan and Brooke Charleston talk about gangs and human trafficking in Iowa.   Ruth Sherman, Speakrets—analyzing debate tactics for presidential candidates.   And Iowa deer hunters can’t shoot straight.

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