Monday June 5 2006

Mike Riddle has solved the creation-evolution debate.  (Speaking at the Pella Community Center Monday June 5-6 at 7 pm) info-line  641-780-4839    "Big Sky Cooking"  with Meredith Brokaw and Ellen Wright...great western recipes.  (a sample)    Sal Mohamed  wants to be Iowa's governor.  Bill Dix wants to be congressman from Iowa's 1st District.

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Friday June 2 2006

"American Courage"  great first person stories of heroism.  Herbert Warden.    Gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon  questions the Iowa Values Fund and worries about a Vilsack veto of  the recent imminent domain legislation.  Then a recent Iowa High School grad  who is also an illegal immigrant  gets deportation papers.  Good idea? 

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Thursday June 1 2006

The educrat says it's time to extend high school to 5 years for slower students.  Good idea?  Are women school administrators part of the problem?   Then,   Larry Schweikart says the anti-war movement has actually made the military more efficient and more lethal.  "America's Victories"  Why the U.S. Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror"

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