Friday September 15 2006

 Congressman Steve King's  immigration security fence passes unanimously with the Iowa delegation.   What's next?   Secretary of State Chet Culver's website  also advertises for non-English voter registration.   General Georges Sada   "Saddam's Secrets"...  How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam HusseinDr. Terry Law and General Sada  will be joining forces for a joint appearance in Cedar Falls.  Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at UNI September 22 @ 7pm.  319-273-SHOW for free tickets.   Then, on Saturday night and Sunday morning at Heartland Vineyard Church , 1405 Greenhill Road. 5pm Saturday,  9am  Sunday.  Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday September 14 2006

What Iowa is doing to get a grip on our meth problems.   Iowa Drug Czar Marvin Van Haafton  and Dr. Dennis Weiss, Powell Medical Center give great insight.  Dr Weiss is looking for Iowans needing help to participate in a treatment study research project.  888-584-6312   or 263-2479 locally.  The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center  866-242-4111   Mike Abrams from the Iowa Medical Society  and Rep Linda Upmeyer  argue against lowering Medicare re-imbursements for Iowa physicians.   A spirited encore conversation regarding non-English ballots and the English requirements for citizenship.  Democratic candidate for Secretary of State  Michael Mauro said the ability to read, write and speak English   isn't necessary for citizenship or to vote.  What's the fact? 

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Wednesday September 13 2006


 Jack Whitver  wants to represent Iowa from the 66th District.  A Republican running against Ako Abdukl-Sammad.   Secretary of State  Democratic candidate,  Mike Mauro  discusses Iowa election practices.   William Flax  says the Bush 9-11 speech was riddled with illogic.   Jennifer Magyar from the Kansas City Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services  gives customer assistance for people seeking help with drug program choices .800-633-4227  or 800-351-4664 SHP

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Tuesday September 12 2006


David Payer  wants to be the Iowa State Rep for the  61st District.   David Barton, circuit ridin' historian is coming to the Iowa Renewal Project.  800-992-5596 to RSVP.   Then,  will the tactics which ended Shinto suicide missions of WW2  end Islamic suicide murderers?

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Monday September 11 2006

9-11 sound and Iowan's remember.   Then, Mary Ann Hanusa is running for Secretary of State.  Issues.   Then,  Congressman Steve King  is on the Texas his count illegals have cost way more American lives than did 9-11.   Plus,   why Osama bin Laden will never be captured..

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Friday September 8 2006


Noreen Gosch  with a horrific update regarding her kidnapped son,  JohnnyNew pictures.   Then,  a 15 year old girl gets caught in a sting at a pizza joint for taking a beer order.  $710 fine.  Mom's upset.  A great story.

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Thursday September 7 2006

Jim Hightower  is in Iowa arguing in behalf of Iowans for Sensible Priorities.     Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn  with insight into our energy and defense future.   Great discussion..

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Wednesday September 6 2006


The Laramie Project  is coming the Valley High School  drama department.  Why?   The gay lobby strikes again.   Then,  Mayor Frank Cownie  hosts an energy town hall for Iowa. 

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Tuesday September 5 2006


A high speed chase ends in multiple honesty....  then,   Phyliss Schlafly  is coming to Iowa  to help us get a run-amuck judiciary under control.   Chuck Hurley  wants to help. 

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Monday September 4 2006


Scott Pope sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  He talks Labor Day politics and the up-coming election cycle.

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