Thursday July 17 2008


Walter Williams describes "The Politics of Bad Ideas" says GWB is the worst president in our history.   Senator Chuck Grassley targets some televangelists...Kelly Shackelford  from the Liberty Legal Institute worries about that.    Cliff Kincaid  has turned up another embarrassing Obama radical association.   And Governor Culver is targeting the contract worker scam.

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Wednesday July 16 2008


"Globality"  James Hemerling, with what it will take for US to be competitive world wide.   Jonathan Narcissee  puts his case to print.   The DSM Education Times.   The National Center for Responsible Gaming  is on tour in Iowa...want to teach kids about responsible gaming.

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Tuesday July 15 2008


Obama has bi-lingual troubles....with one word.   "LaRaza"....  and he thinks enforcing the law is terrorism.   And it's only Tuesday.

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Monday July 14 2008

Back from a Peru trek...  lotsa sound and they are thinking about firing up a national 55 mph speed limit again... sigh...what have we learned since the last one?

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