Mark Bauerlein says technology has diverted, distracted and devoured the minds of this generation...which makes them "The Dumbest Generation"...     County Supervisor Robert Brownell talks about his role in NASCO.   He says it is good for Iowa's economy.  Congressman Ron Paul  talks about our money.   Then, pit bulls...again.

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Is the dollar dying?  Or is it being assassinated?   Paul Craig Roberts  has great think-piece.  Then, GM is shutting down Iowa dealerships...including profitable ones... inexplicable..  Rep Lance Hornbach helps  Edward Polaco tell the story.  Then, Dr. Lee Edwards talks about the Victims of  Communism Foundation...and new online museum. 

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Frank Miniter's "Ultimate Man's Survival Guide"...recovering the lost are of manhood.    Should kids be allowed to ride on the back of motorcycles?  Dr Robert Benne says now it's the Lutherans who are having trouble defining what's a marriage.   Then an illegal has brain cancer.  Should Iowan's pay his bills? 

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Congressman Steve King calls for an investigation of ACORN...issues.   Walid Shoebat responds to President Obama's Middle East  speaking tour.  Then,  Bambi's mom gets vicious.

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John McManus from the John Birch Society in town to talk about the Federal Reserve scam and other atrocities.   Candice Kumai tells how to "Cook Yourself Thin"...then,  snowmobiling in June.  

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W. Randall Jones talks about the Richest Guy in Town,  and what do they have in common.  Jeff Ballenger is organizing "Honor Flights" for Iowa veterans.  Looking for a few good men.  (Central Iowa Honor Flight, Box 125, Council Bluffs, Iowa  51502)  or 712-322-6638.    Then,  home schooling is growing...because of mean girls?  Huh?

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Jonah Lehrer tells "How We Decide" stuff.  Great conversation.  Then how did General Motors become Government Motors?   Iowan's wonder.

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Dr. Benjamin Wiker  talks about the Darwin Myth and all the mischief derived from it.   It will be a cold day in He** before Pravda tells the truth.   Whoops!...  a cold chill is comin' on.   Then, Professor John Eidsmoe explains some legal mysteries...then,   Tiller the Killer gets wasted as church.   What should the press release say?

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