"Your Baby is Speaking to You"...Dr. Kevin Nugent says he can interpret.  Adam Robinson apologized to Iowa and asks for another chance to play for the Hawks.  Ok with you?   Gay presidential candidate Fred Karger wants to be invited to the party.  Iowans seem to have lost the invitation.  Secretary of State Matt Schultz explains the new voting rights after felony rules. 

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Pre-inaugural (Gov. Brandstad)  openline...flunking Perry Mason 101.  Then Dahl's bans handguns from the store.  Whoops.

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 A congresswoman says if a public official feels the need for a gun for self-defense, he should find another line of work.   Then,  the State of the Judiciary speech by Justice Cady sets off the impeachment crowd....vigorous...   Senator Kent Sorenson responds. 

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President Obama is headed to Tucson to make a memorial speech.  What should he say?   Iowans respond. And an amazing insight into the mind of the killer.

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A little tech talk,  weather talk...and a bunch of vigorous conversation on the tactics of  leftist hate baiters...abbreviated for Governor Culver's last state of the State address.

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Nathan Tucker starts  Iowa Judicial Watch to keep track of judges decisions and their selection.  Then,  Iowans respond to the Arizona shootings. 

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Entrepreneur and political activist Mike Whalen along with Suzanne Lee talk about economic and social issues.

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Patrick Albanese sits in...  more conversational stuff...

Direct download: Thursday_January_6_2011.mp3
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Patrick Albanese sits in...  the politics of illumination.

Direct download: Wednesday_January_5_2011.mp3
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Ross Peterson sits in...  Joel Silverman...animal trainer a pet expert.  Then the John Bunyan Story.

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