Iowans are still thinking about Obama's birth certificate.  And Trump is still stirrin' things up.  Lotsa open-line talk.

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Robin Spear and Amy Alden highlight the upcoming Pieathlon....lotsa openline...odds and ends...high gas price drive-offs...and "How Much Would Jesus Take?"...vigorous

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Obama releases birth certificate...Trump says "I win".   Iowans respond.

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C-Span simulcasts the program asking Iowans to interact with the rest of the nation about pre-caucus presidential issues and candidate selection.    Vigorous.

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Ruth Harbor is a shelter for ladies with un-planned pregnancy...Mark McDougal is the director and Molly is a successful graduate.  Andrew Breitbart...Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the the Pigford Farm scam.   James O'Keefe takes on NPR.

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 Judy Hintz with exasperation and inspiration...The Kid Fixer.   Then,  Del Quentin Wilber...Rawhide Down...the story of the near assassination of President Reagan.   Then,   CityView publishes the names of all the new carry permits.  Some are bugged.   DNR has Earth Day guides for toxic waste disposal.

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 Donald Davidson is the INDY 500 historian...race Iowa link.   Then,  sympathy for the sleeping air traffic controllers?    And Reike Pleacas and Sarah Bowman want to Save the Barn. And the poor baby lost everthang.   Plus,  the inspirational Earth Day Rap...

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Getting Iowans ready to speak to the nation... then,  which gets more negative press?  Earth Day  or Easter?  Dan Gainor says it ain't even  close.    Then,  we hear from a representative from the atheist community as  they are in convention in Des Moines.   Tasty.

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Fr Frank Bognanno from Christ the King says the best way to handle the atheist convention is to love them....darn it.   Then,  Scott Mickelson explains why gold hit 1500...the mechanics of the gold market.

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 Judge Roy Moore opens his bid for the presidency...issues.   Should Governor Branstad use his budget veto prowess to pressure Democrats on social issues like he has on budget issues?  Then,  another pit-bull tragedy.  Now what?

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