Matt Strawn with a quick caucus update.  Joe Murray blasts the AFA for supporting Newt.  Rev Cary Gordon proxies for Sen. Rick Santorum.   Politics of course.

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Con. Michelle Bachman...issues.   Congressman Ron Paul...issues... simulcasting on C-Span.

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Gov. Rick Perry... issues.  Iowans are still deciding.  Then,  more silliness from the Occupy movement who promise to do same day registrations to filibuster and disrupt the process.  Republicans are ready.

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Lost in the debate over women in politics is the meaning of Christmas...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.   Senator Rick Santorum...issues and answers.   Then,  Mickelson is the Grinch who stole Kwanzaa.    Then Charlie Brown converts to Islam...(language alert)...and a cute video about twin toddlers with a fair and balanced debate.

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Con. Fred Grandy proxies for Newt Gingrich...powerful presentation on the threat of radical Islam.   Then,  "Should Christians support women in politics?"   Steven Baker affirmative.  John Desaulniers, Jr....negative.  

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Congressman Newt Gingrich with issues...EPA...China...judiciary...campaign protests...and potential debates.   Ron Paul quits a CNN interview....the rest of the story.   Vigorous.

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Lotsa openline... more campaign disruption... Ron Paul gets punked....Alan Greenspan explains why American jobs will pay less...and he thinks American's will approve.   Energy.   Ron Paul is the front runner now,  so it's his turn to get trashed.

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The kids from Joshua Christian Academy recite and sing....inspiring.  Rev Keith Ratliff explains the mission.   Then, Sonja Brown from the Kitchen Cabinet...wants Iowa women to get involved at a higher level in the political process.   Should Michelle Bachman step aside to let Rick Santorum gain more headway?  Congressman Steve King...issues.  Defending Christmas against silly rules.

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 Congressman Greg Ganske signs onto the Newt Gingrich campaign.   Issues.  Iowan's respond.  Then civil defense attorney Jame Otto says illegal immigration is one thing,  but the LEGAL immigration with "Employment Preference Visas"  are killing US big time.

Zach Wahl's video has gone big time.   This is the "Reverse Engineering" redux.

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The Occupy Des Moines crew are doing their thing at Democratic venues...let see how that goes.  Then,  a history of the movement.. JBS CEO Art Thompson.   Then,  Bill O'Reilly blasts Newt Gringrich's debate SCOTUS critique.   Reverse engineering the case.

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