Peter LaFontaine from the National Wildlife Federation wants Braley and Loebsack to vote against the Keystone Pipeline. Roger McEowen and Greg Hartsill are happy about passing the farm liability restoration legislation.   President Obama gets a Marine umbrella.  Outrage ensues.  Plus,  a last gasp effort to pass a gas tax.  

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Senator Bertrand Brimley fixes Iowa's  rabbit problem.  Diana Waring at NICHEDexter Van Zile from CAMERA...speaking tonight at Temple B'nai Jeshurun at 7pm.  Jeff Burkett from Iowa Firearms Coalition says the Permit Confidentiality bill is being blocked by the Iowa Senate.  Give 'em a nudge he says.

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Brian Gongol tries to explain what happened to bitcoins... and ICE bustin Dwolla.   Iowa snotty stuff.   And how to snap back... David Kupelian's "American's 'snapping' by the Millions."   Insightful.

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Methodist and Lutheran music from the archives... The meaning of Gosnell...and Bike Wars.  

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An Iowa Live spokesman analyzes the new Iowa Department of Education numbers.  Not good.   Democrats want to keep their hold on Iowa homeschoolers.   And who is really responsible for the on-going ammo shortage?

Direct download: mickelson-2013-05-13.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:42pm CST new used project car has tinted my wife a criminal?  Can I get a note from my eye doctor?   Congressman Steve King...issues.  Windmills...good deal?  

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Judy Hintz with a panel of education survivors...inspirational.  Then, some folks think "gluten-free" is just another food fad.  Iowans disagree.

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 Rick Rogers is the Defense Tracker.  He has insight on current military issues including institutional distress.  Noreen Gosch reacts to the Amanda Berry escape from pervert captors.   She reports about a disgusting California piece of legislation.   And a 2nd grader takes daddy's gun to school.  

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"White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence of America and how the media ignore it."  Colin Flaherty says it's worse that most imagine.  And Des Moines is an example.  Betsy McCaughey says immigration reform has a bunch of built in time bombs.  Dave Funk supports the new casino in Warren County.  Peter Komendowski is President of Partnership @ Drug Free Iowa.  And Iowans have some last thinking on the Warren County casino vote.

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Agenda 21..."Unsustainable"...Judd Saul and Dave Bergman...putting together a documentary.   "What Would Jesus Drink?"  Joel McDurmon with a theological insight.  Then Steve Lawyer wants to give the trial lawyer side of the farm liability issue.

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