Dealing quickly with the worst drug addictions.  St. Gregory Retreat Center...Joe Meintz... then,  Frank Meeink talks about overcoming racism.

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Sam Clovis is running for US Senate.  Issues.   And the District of Columbia is trying to muscle Walmart into paying better wages.  Do Iowans want part of that action?  Maybe?

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Commie Cowboys...Ryan McMaken ruins a whole movie genre.   Thought provoking.   Then Iowans react to the George Zimmerman verdict. 

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Sharknado? Anyone?  Anyone?  Figuring out the Flores case. And the homosexual lobby commits theater at a blood bank.  Time to re-consider the FDA blood ban?   Iowan have science-based concerns which trump the poltics.

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Sheriff Richard Mack (speaking at Upper Iowa University, Fayette--Student Center--6:30 pm tonight) "The County Sheriff--America's Last Hope"... great stuff.  Then, eating coal makes you appreciate hot water...who knew?

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Some Iowa dignitaries have license plates which aren't on the record.  I want one of those.  What do Iowans anticipate in the George Zimmerman trial?   Gulp...

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History buff David Wendell talks about Iowa Astronaut Peggy Whitson coming to speak at the dedication of a Woman in Space dedication Sunday July 14th at the Marion, Iowa Summit Point care center 1-pm.  Steve Everly defends fracking from the new Gasland 2 gasumentory.   KCCI's Eric Hanson talks about his trip on the Vomit Comet.  

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Does the Guv need a Guvner?  Did the DCI guy pay the price for blowing the whistle on the speeding Gubernatorial SUV? Iowans wonder.

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Kevin Hall sits in for Mickelson... political issues

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Ed Vos sits in for Mickelson... veteran's issues

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