More liberal clichés about the school murders mixed with some common senseDr. Ben Carson—candidate—issues. 

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Paul Stebbins wants to Fix the Debt.   Edward Klein with the “Unlikeable: Problem with Hilary”.    Steve Goreham describes “Shale Shock—How the world Has changed”.   Congressman Steve King describes the House leadership contest to replace John Boehner.   Bob Vander Platts pressures  Governor Branstad to pull the plug on Planned Parenthood.

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Maurry Taylor, “Grizz”,  from Titan Tires talks presidential politics and issues.  Alex Newman reports on the “Crimes of Educators”.  Spirited.

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Tim Head want Iowans to fix our criminal justice system with an upcoming Criminal Justice Summit.   Julie Gunlock says ABC has sexualized and adultulpated the Muppets.   Blowing up tires?    And Carly Fiorina gets picketed by a Planned Parenthood rent-a-mob. 

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Judy Hintz tries to blow the whistle on the Dyslexia bubble.  She has several more impressive success stories.  Carly Fiorina impressive on the life issue.   Michael Luick-Thrams has bus full of Iowa history.   Bob Vander Platts from the Family Leader pushes on Governor Branstad to fulfill his campaign promises to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Sam Clovis is helping run the Donald Trump machine.  Issues.     New PilgrimsJoseph Castleberry  describes How Immigrants Are Renewing America’s Faith and Values.    Dave Bozell says shut down Planned Parenthood funding even if government has to shut down.    Dr. Henry Emmons and Dr. David Alter have brain food to help us  Staying Sharp.

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Common Core:  From Farce to Failure—a precise deconstruction of Common Core’s history and goals.   Dr. Ben Carson, articulate on our rights.   Christopher Eben, Navy Seal, Undaunted, explains why Muslim refugees should be welcomed cautiously.   And Ramsin Benjamin, Executive Director of the Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce thinks our refugee system is corrupt and biased against Christian Refugees.

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Senator Rick Santorum…issues.    Maya Macguineas from Campaign to Fix the Debt.   Personhood Iowa.  Tim Overlin,  Dr. Laurence White, and Rev Keith Ratliff on life and death.  Then elk in Iowa?  And an Ankeny man loses his job over trying to catch a thief.  Huh?

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Pastor Mike Demastus and Drew Follmer with the Tabernacle Experience.    Senator Rand Paul…issues.   And Dr Ben Carson has a Muslim moment.

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Dr. Lee Hieb deals with the Republican debate topic of mandatory vaccines and the possible autism link.  Insightful.   Governor Mike Huckabee fumes over the CNN debate debacle.  Ann Corcoran blows the whistle on Refugee Resettlement scams.   

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