Monday October 2 2006


Why are we importing "refugees" from countries hostile to US and who hold  religious views which reject Western values? And paying for their bills?   A review of a great book with insight on this..."While Europe Slept:  How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within"   Bruce Bawer's  insights are astounding.  

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Friday September 29 2006


Dan Isett  from the Parent's TV Council says stuff like Nip/Tuck on FX is a good reason to require the cable industry to offer ala carte programming.   Then,  if Charlotte Church can turn skanky,  then how do we protect our little girls?   More about school killings.  Powerful conversation.

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Thursday September 28 2006


"Border War"  a new documentary on the invasion of illegals.  David Bossie explains.   Then,  another school invasion.   The adults are still unarmed.  Plus, Joe Volk  is a circuit-ridin' pacifist who wants US out of Iraq.  He's on a mission.

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Wednesday September 27 2006

"Building Red America"  award winning political reporter Thomas Edsall is shocked about how far left the Iowa Democratic Party is.   Then,  Gary Rosberg is planning a marriage weekend for married returning veterans.  Honor and Strengthen Military Marriages515-334-7482 to help sponsor the weekend for a vet couple,  or to help somebody sign up.  Then schools produce a paperwork nightmare just to keep track of the habitually tardy.

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Tuesday September 26 2006

"Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book"  a tongue and cheek about training your new "unit".   Then,  if you don't want a homeless shelter in your back yard,  are you a bigot?   Do homeless people have the "right to live where they want"?   "Love My Rifle More Than You"    Kayla Williams,  young and female in the US Army.

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Monday September 25 2006


Another drunk driver  mush's another cyclist.   Then,  Senator Joe Biden  talks about Iowa presidential politics and national issues.  Compare platforms?  Democrats.  Republicans.   Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mary Lundby   joins the Democratic Majority leader to  advance the cause of the gay lobby. 

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Friday September 22 2006


An Iowa novelist, Joe Dennis,  writes a story surrounding the '93 Flood,  in "Cave of the Painter" ...  then Iowans are really steamed about unlicensed and drunk drivers mushing  their loved ones.   Very powerful stories.

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Thursday September 21 2006


People are concerned about the wrong stuff about the CIETC scandals.   It isn't about the mis-spent federal funds.  So what's the real concern about federal funding of faith-based services?  Listen.   Then,  "The Vice-Busting Diet"  with Julia Griggs Havey.    Then a Rood Awakening Michael John Rood  says Christianity is messed up cuz we have the wrong callendar.  A free DVD offer  866-328-1116.    His critics? 

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Wednesday September 20 2006


Richard Miniter  says we may have surrendered to our own prisoners at  GITMO...."A Deadly Kindness" Joel Rosenberg  focuses on the "Epicenter:  Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future"    and   Rex Platt   "Between Iraq and a Hard Place"   makes sure we take care of the post-Iraq needs of our returning service people.

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Tuesday September 19 2006

The West Des Moines School Board  met to listen to feedback on the Laramie Project  upcoming play.  What does this conflict really mean?  It means that they are running the NEA  and the Iowa Democratic Party playbooks. This might be one of Mickelson's best segments.  David Limbaugh says the Democratic Party is morally Bankrupt.  Former Majority Leader Dick Armey  for  Iowans for Discounted Taxes. 

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