Thursday May 31 2007

Dr. Robert Spencer  tells  "The Truth About Muhammad"  and interprets the findings of the PEW Foundation study of American Muslim attitudes.  Lotsa openline.    Then, Philip Jenkins says the Muslim sky isn't falling.  "God's Continent" isn't really in a demographic crisis after all.

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Wednesday May 30 2007


The politics of negotiation.  "It's Ok to be the Boss"  how to fight the undermanagement epidemic with Bruce Tulgan.  Then, Annie Jacobsen gets a chance to say "I told you so" about a dry run terrorist attack on flight 327"Terror in the Skies".   888-773-6782 for a discount for WHO listeners. Then,  Senator John McCain  with campaign issues.

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Tuesday May 29 2007 It's Tuesday,  it's time to be least until we hafta talk about politics.
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Monday May 28 2007


A Memorial Day morale booster.   "The Last Man Out: Glenn McDole, USMC, Survivor of the Palawan Massacre in World War II".    Then an encore of "The Day the World Ended and Little Big Horn"   and  "The Privileged Planet"  with Dr. Jay Richards.

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Friday May 25 2007


Senator Joe Biden talks Iraq policy.  Senator Sam Brownback does the same.  Doug Holtz-Eakin from Senator McCain's campaign supports the Senate immigration bill.   ISU wants to get Jesus back into sports.  Then,  a new  plasma technology for making money on Iowa garbage.  Charlie Kress and Dennis Naughton from Waste Not Iowa.  

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Thursday May 24 2007


"The Idea That is America"  Anne-Marie Slaughter and I get into a low-carb food fight.   Mike Ferris is the legal rep for home schoolers who will convene shortly in Iowa.    Cedar Falls High School graduation is excluding Beethoven's "Joyful, Joyful".  Why?  Karl Gilbertson is a parent with questions.   Andrew Clopton is the VP of the Choir which wanted to sing it.   Should the school cave to the ACLU?   Not so fast says Jeff Sertize  from the ACLJ   singing the song could cost us. 

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Wednesday May 23 2007


Socks with sandals?  WWJD?  Cheering your kid at the graduation ceremony?  You could get busted.  Which of the presidential candidates are "Exceptional Presenters"?  Tim Koegel will tell you.   How do you kill skunk stink?   Then,  60 Minutes will highlight an Iowa reserve unit.   Wife of slain Iowan Scott Nisely  joins us to talk about it.


OK,  by request....the story of the National Anthem.

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Tuesday May 22 2007


 Soccer talk.  Why soccer should be dropped from the high school level and taken back to clubs.  Silly red card rules.  Then,  how to fix the immigration problem in four easy steps.  Lots talk.

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Monday May 21 2007


Gregory McClain says some parents take their kids into adult locker rooms at fitness centers.  Not a good idea he says.   Chess master Josh Waitzkin  talks about Tai Chi Chess... yes,  the kid in "Searching for Bobby Fischer"...  in his book "Art of Learning".    Will the new Iowa Board of Regents approve armed campus-based security guards.  Bonnie Campbell says  "No" cuz guns are just way too symbolic. 

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Friday May 18 2007

The Annual Political Button Collector's Show coming up Saturday May 19th at the Quality Inn Suites Hotel in Des Moines.  Collectors John Olsen and Paul Bengstron  with the story.   Political Commentator John Lofton  remembers Rev. Jerry Falwell. Sometimes nearly fondly.   Plus, the  "Final Move Beyond Iraq"  Mike Evans tries to awaken US about Iran.  Suzy.   Then,  Congressman Steve King gives feedback about the Senate immigration bill.

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