Thursday May 17 2007


Ruth Lycke  takes stroke victims to China and "Out of Darkness"....several Iowans return and report on their progress.   Dr. Jay Richards co-author of   "The Privileged Planet" tries to help his colleague at ISU with tenure.  Roy Beck from Numbers USA calls Iowans to action on the senate amnesty bill working its way toward approval.

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Wednesday May 16 2007


Mary and Gayle Brubaker want Iowans help "champion" the cause of Alzhiemers.  800-272-3900 hotline and to help with a walk-about fall fundraiser.    440-2722.    Noah Merriil is a Quaker and just back from Jordan and living with Iraqi refugees, telling their stories.  Ed Offley says he's solved the mystery of "Scorpion Down"... a cold war era nuclear sub which went down in 1968..with an Iowan on board.  Bay Buchanan lambastes the  "Extreme Makeover of Hillary Rodham Clinton."   Lotsa unintended humor.

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Tuesday May 15 2007  Dr. John West  from Discovery Institute comes to the support of ISU's Guillermo Gonzalez  who has been denied tenure cuz he bugs atheists. Perhaps a thoughtful letter to ISU's  President Geoffroy  is in order.  Then, Heather Cox Richardson takes us  "West From Appamattox...the Reconstruction of America after the Civil War".
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Monday May 14 2007


Tama Assistant County Attorney Richard Vander Mey says SF  430  is on the governor's desk.  It creates "comity" between Iowa and the Meskwakies.   What does gambling money buy?   Politicians.  Newt Gingrich writes about Pearl Harbor  and talks about the cheezy way presidents are selected.  Patrick and Henry Ramage fly their whale to Iowa.   Saving the Whales.  Really.   Then,  ISU professor of astronomy Dr.Guillermo Gonzalez  has been denied tenure.  Why?  Cuz he thinks ole Earth is a "Privileged Planet"...which really offends the campus atheists.   Sigh

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Friday May 11 2007

"Retained by the People"  Daniel Farber says Americans have rights they don't know they have.   The Iowa ACLU wants to sue Urbandale for keeping drunken kids away from football games and the prom.  Ben Johnson says the ACLU also protects the rights of Jihadists,  they are part of a large open border's lobby. 

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Thursday May 10 2007


Right-lane driver discrimination, high-mileage, granny bashing.   Delicious.   Then,  Custer's last stand from the vantage point of the Lakotas.  Joseph Marshall III and "The Day the World Ended at Little Big Horn"   a Lakota history.

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Wednesday May 9 2007


Should Al Sharpton be held to the Al Sharpton standard?   Delicious.  Mark Taylor was shot at Columbine.  "I Asked, God Answered"...the Columbine Miracle.   Mt. Pleasant head cop suspended while they count the traffic tickets.  Then,  presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo.

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Tuesday May 8 2007


Nicholas Hagger reveals "The Secret Founding of America" ... and he teaches us the secret handshake.   An elementary school principal requires kids to clean up their own messes.  Parents want an apology.   An the founder of Left Lane Drivers of America has a soft-path solution for left lane cloggers.

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Monday May 7 2007

 "Forty Days and Forty Nights"  Matthew Chapman writes about his great, great grandfather, Charles Darwin.   Then, Bishop Harry Jackson  says the gay rights movement has hijacked the civil rights movement and it must stop.  Then,  the taxpayers pony up to pay for gay kids who won't live at home.  PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!

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Friday May 4 2007


The Republican presidential post debate spin room is open.   The Iowa Republican hierarchy checks in to opine.  Then, Mickelson throws a Royal snit.  So does the Iowa Board of Regents...the entrance requirements for Iowa colleges have been stiffened.  A big deal?

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