Friday August 17 2007


Psychic Suzy does her thing at the Fair.   Mark Barabak from the LA Times talks about Iowa politics.   Then,  Senator Fred Thompson with presidential talk.  See the video here.

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Thursday August 16 2007


Lotsa openline from the Iowa State Fair.  The question is,  "What needs to be done to restore Iowa's education system?"  

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Wednesday August 15 2007

Robert Spencer "The Religion of Peace"  Why Christianity Is and Islam isn't.    Extraordinarily powerful.   Then,  maybe the atheist guy in Ames is right.  Senator Joe Biden with presidential issues.

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Tuesday August 14 2007

Tom Matzzi,  Washington director of  and Sue Dinsdale Iowa's "Iraq Summer Campaign"  are targeting Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Latham.   Plus,  Congressman Tom Latham and Republican Minority Leader John Boehner on the issues.  Openline.

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Monday August 13 2007


Lotsa Iowa State Fair talk.   Straw Poll feedback.

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Friday August 10 2007

Professor John Klindt and consumer advocate Tom Coats report  that the slot machines on military bases are causing gambling addictions and economic hardships for our troops.    Congressman Mike Pence introduces legislation to protect talk shows.  Congressman Tom Tancredo with pre-straw poll issues.   And Congressman Duncan Hunter

And here's the video of Thursday's Ron Paul visit.      

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Thursday August 9 2007



Congressman Ron Paul,   Newt Gingrich,  Senator Sam Brownback,  and Governor Mike Huckabee  at the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.

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Wednesday August 8 2007


The Iowa Straw Poll  vote is open to machine-based vote fraud, says Jim Condit Jr  and  Bob Schultz.   "Nonsense" says Iowa Republican Party Ex Director Chuck Laudner.    Professor Doug Jones,  election fraud expert from University of Iowa evaluates current technology.   Then,   Gov Mitt Romney's pro-life transformation is now complete.

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Tuesday August 7 2007


Greg D'Angelo says the SHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program)  is just another unsustainable middle-class entitlement program.  Then,  a great example of media spin.  This time Mickelson is the target.  The tape examples.  Congressman Duncan Hunter with an issues update.  Openline.

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Monday August 6 2007


Chuck Laudner is Executive Director of the Iowa Republican Party.  Talks about the recent Iowa Republican debate at Drake,  the Iowa Straw Poll and a new direction for the Iowa Republican Party.   Steve Forbes gives feedback on the debate for Giuliani..  Bob Vanderplatts for Huckabee.   Senator Sam Brownback for himself.  Bill Salier for Congressman Tom Tancredo.   And a response to the Romney interview  coverage.

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