Dr. Chad Rolfsen worries about vaccines and presents a contrarian view of the flu.   Then,   take a driver's test.   And a Constitution test.  Grade on a curve but don't text on one.

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 Joe Lucas says the coal industry and Iowa power users are caught in a squeeze between the courts/EPA and environmental extremists.   What about wind power?  The lady says we're all gonna die.  Then the Rep Burt redux.  


Then a great cartoon re:  beer day.

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 Mike Draper  from SMASH, thinks the public option is the best way to reform health care.  Jerome Corsi  says the vote by congress on Obama's place of birth is still silly.    Then,  a judge gives a pass to Representative Kerry Burt drunk driving arrest on a technicality.   Whoops? 

Then,   who needs a 2nd Amendment anyhow?


This is SOOOO Cooool!

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If you are stoned on PCP, neked and it takes 8-10 people to hold you down,  Robert Wennerholm, Executive Director of the Iowa Police Law Research Center says the cops are doing you a favor by  tazing you.   Why?    Colin Hannah wants politicians to take the pledge...to read the stuff they pass.  Rosemary Jenks says ObamaCare will fund the healthcare of illegals.   Then, the rest of the story on the drunk driving arrest of Waterloo Representative Kerry Burt.

Speaking of stoned out of your mind,   take a look at these pictures my sister took.... cue past the family stuff.

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 Miss Etiquette Iowa Dr. Patricia Tice shows us how to mind our manners.   Dr. Eric Novak says ObamaCare is a bad used car.   Are any Des Moines sewers historical sites?   And did Obama  recover the high ground on the cop story?

Then,  unrelated to podcast... a magnificent rant against Goldman-Sachs.

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Congressman Steve King ...issues...  Biggest Losers in Iowa looking for chunkiness...  healthcare redux.

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Medical marijuana?  Carl Olsen says yes.  A "Waiter Rant"  Steve Dublanica...   Then Matt Barber describes another Obama Czar...you ain't gonna believe it.


And the new Obama Care flowchart....   where's the Slausen Cutoff?

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Rep Rod Roberts  is thinking about being governor....issues?  Beer party at the Chief Justice's house...minors involved.  Issues?   Rep Mike Pence takes after Obama care.  Issues

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Open-line conversation... leaf-raking neighborhood terrorists...the death penalty and pedophiles...light Tuesday conversations.

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Monday Madness... in CA you can't smoke cigarettes in a public restaurant,  but can smoke medical marijuana.   Kindles and bits.   Stuff...and medical reform ain't reform,  it's destruction.

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