Open-line Friday issues..."The Evolution of God"  Robert Wright  with weighty thoughts... then the Iowa Highway Patrol  tells us "what IS, is"... and  are hosting several "safety corridor events"...

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Dan Mecum understands collectible cars and is havin' another auction in Des Moines.  Phil Kerpen is director of policy for Americans for Prosperity...warns of impending socialist doom regarding health care and tax increases.   Then,  is health care really a right?

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 DJ Frost is a pilot who wants to tell how passengers can reduce the stress of flying.   Then John Stewart from the  Alliance Defense Fund talks about the Sotomayer SCOTUS nomination.   Great stuff.

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 Jeff Stein describes  "One Week in June:  The Iowa Floods of 2008" a picture-book history of the great flood.   Eric Reeves with an update on the Darfur genocide..."A Long Day's Dying"...what to do.   Then,  Iowa homelessness redux.

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 Steve Malloy talks about the next  Goldman-Sachs impending bubble...carbon tax scams...  then,  the evil of dancing after 2 am...  Roy Beck from Numbers USA says the US Senate actually has to think about excluding illegals from getting stimulus money.  And it's only Monday.

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Open-line Friday.    Apparently in Iowa,  there IS such a thing as a free lunch.   Congressman Steve King on a lopsided 399-1 vote... he wins.    Lots great chatter.

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 J. Budziszewski demos "The Line Through the Heart"...says we are designed to know right from wrong.   Then follow-up on the adoption standards of the Animal Rescue League.   Tom Colvin and Paula Sunday explain the rules.

Then a very revealing interview with Michael Jackson on BBC... his last interview.

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Jonathan Narcisse explains his departure from the Des Moines School Board.  Issues.  Texting.  They why are pet adoption standards so rigorous?   Really.


What a Great Political Rant!


And Here's another Powerful Rant!

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Keith Swanson is coming to Des Moines to fire up dads and families...very inspirational...   More on local violence and the weirdness of our reactions.  

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Kim Lehman, President of Iowa Right to Life and Douglas Johnson NRLC spokesman warn that abortion funding is part of health care reform.  Then,  what to make of a mob and murder in Des Moines Iowa of all places. Then, what to make of Sarah Palin's resignation?

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