So, can a cop flash a badge and take your car if he needs it?  "Interposition",  a great word.   Wesley Smith worries about the human cost of animal rights.   "A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy"Congressman Steve King with an Obamacare update.  Jerry Corsi with some theories on the Shroud of Turin... "The Shroud Codex".

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Rod Roberts wants to be governor.  Christopher Reed wants to be a congressman.  Who is more guilty...the buyer or seller...of stuff.mic

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The wheels are coming off the education racket...time for RICCO?   Phat stuff. Monday, Etc.

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Jari Love tells us how we can "Get Ripped" without any illegal substances...Congressman Steve King with a quick health care bill assessment.   Then,  bunch of Friday open-line... lotsa fun.

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TheYugo...a light-hearted look at the Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History...Jason Vuic... Sheena Iyengar describes the "Art of Choosing"... then,  a couple of guys blast the census...then,  Iowa Board of Education is deciding the fate of a 14 year old pot pusher. 

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Maury Lane defends Fed-Ex against the UPS boys.   Senator Rick Santorum talks about law and health care.   Stephen Baskerville says the family court system violates the Bill of Rights.   Taken into Custody.


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 What's Project Lead the Way?   And how is it workin'?  Looking for a few good engineers.  Dr. Ken Maguire...Dr. Rob Denson...DMACC..Lori Schaefer from Agri-Industrial Plastics and Karen Wilken from the Kern Family Foundation.   Ed Slott on IPTV on how to "Stay Rich for Life."    Stuff

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More conversation about the huge Des Moines teacher purgeCongressman Tom Latham with a legislative update. 

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Gov Culver wants to expand gambling even more.  Iowans respond... Friday open-line... spirited

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Let's slap an atheist for Jesus?  WWPD?  (What would Peter do?)   Iowans evaluate the nonsense served up by a couple of Iowa politicians...who says MSAs have Failed?  Sprited.  The governor of Indiana raves about MSAs...

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