Governor Pataki in Iowa for Obamacare  repeal.... Governor Pawlenty in Iowa for tax reform.   Openline feedback on  T-Party Day.   Issues. 

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Dr. Nader Pourhassan  says Jews, Christians and Muslims are all the same,  if we only knew it.  God's Scripture.      Christian Fong  starts the "Iowa Dream Project" ...then, Dr. Tom Drolesky says the Catholic Church is Popeless.

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Casey Niemann from Microsoft ranks  Des Moines, Iowa as 24 out of 36 for the top cities in which computer technology allows for remote working.  Governor Culver  signs a law to "encourage" minority teachers to get into the system.  Stuff.

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Jim Gibbons wants to be an Iowa congressman...issues.    Monsignor Frank Bagnanno defends the Pope against sex abuse charges. 

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 Berdj Djambazian is an Armenian musician about to take a mission trip to the middle east.  Inspirational.   Then,  does a "no-tolerance" fighting policy in schools punish self-defense and personal responsibility?

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Aftershock...Robert Wiedemer says only the smaller bubbles have popped...the bigger ones are still to pop.  Powerful.   Then Iowans react to Obama's new nuclear policy...Really react.

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Richard Epstein gives some technical reasons for the unconstitutionality of Obamacare.  Who's payin' the bills anyhow?  Only half of us.   Then,  the tobacco Nazis shake down 'nuther company.  Sigh...  Why can't hail hit the right people?  Then for no particular reason.

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Ed Failor from Iowans for Tax Relief ...takes on the corruption of gambling on the political class. Congressman Steve King is way serious about challenging Obamacare.   Then Constitution 101.

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Making prisoners pedal for TV...I like it...playin' "what if?" with Iowa's economy... then,  Mickelson thinks about turning's the bennies...   Senator Paul Mckinley has a review of the Iowa legislative session.   The good news and bad news.   Ok.. mainly the bad news.

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Stefan Halper with "The Beijing Consensus"...our relationship with China is precarious.   Why?   What about Iowa shortening our yellow caution lights?   WHAZZUPWITHTHAT?  Chris Seay explains "The Gospel According to LOST"  Stuff.

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