John Lofton is a Republican in remission...evaluates the candidates...concludes he can't vote this year.    Professional wrestler Mick Foley is coming to the Funnybone this Sunday.  And Iowans review the RNC-Romney Tampa goings on.   And address some rumor-mongering.

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Reviewing some of the RNC Convention speeches...some of the best ones occur outside... silly human tricks.   Then,  why are Iowans not signing up for as many fishing and hunting licenses?

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Pat Buchanan reacts to the Tampa RNC Convention issues....then Iowans review the Iowa  Ron Paul Delegation's vote at the Convention.   Spirited.

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Jim Carley wants to go to the Iowa House District 30.   Politicizing a food pantry?  And what's green about bike lanes? 

Editor's Note:     "Dear Jan,  I am the Director of the Knoxville Food Pantry.  I want you do know that our board of directors does not endorse anyone running political office.  A a volunteer on duty distributing food to families here was asked if the Democratic Party could inform people concerning pre-registration to vote, and the volunteer gave them permission to do that.  Helping Hands does NOT endorse ANY political candidate for ANY political office.  Thank you."    Signed  Robert C. Smith

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From Voice of the Martyrs, Darci Gill is in Iowa to talk about religious repression of the church around the world.   Wind energy pioneer Paul Gipe wants us to continue Iowa's commitment to wind energy.    A.J. Spiker at the Republican Convention is worried about some of the rules changes...power grab?    Dave Edwards wants Des Moines to leave Hubbell Ave alone... no bike lanes...gets his wish.

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Stuff we remember from the week...silly and profound.    Senator Byron Dorgan wants more rural broadband....worries about other funding priorities.   Then, activists want The Iowa State Fair Board to apologize for Hank Williams Jr.  Iowans respond.

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Pete Brownell talks about the upcoming Iowa Firearms Coalition 2nd Amendment rally.  Dave Hogberg talks about the Obamacare-Medicare debate.  The Next Exodus.   And what is the real symbol of atheism?   

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Another Red State/Blue State divide.   This time it's over reading material.   You are what you  read...  then,  in government lunchrooms,  kids get charged for what the "don't" eat.  Huh?

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Jeff Burkett invites 2nd Amendment advocates to an upcoming celebration. Iowans think about  skinny dipping the Galilee...then,  the political theater surrounding some non-PC comments by Missouri US Senate candidate Todd Akin.  Amazing callers. 

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Monday ruminations on Fair observations.  Culinary recommendations.   A high school valedictorian has her diploma put on hold after uttering the "he**" word in her speech.  Then,  Iowans target moles...the non-cosmetic kind.  

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