Iowa Republican Party Chairman A.J. Spiker talks about recent party statements about the next judicial non-retention vote.  Sylvie Hache says she used to be a lesbian.  She tells why and how she is no longer.  Then,  more Iowa agribusiness greed.

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Matt Stutzman is an Iowa treasure.  He is also an Olympics bound athlete.  He's an archer with no arms.  Be prepared to be inspired.  Adam Christing is a filmmaker who wonders about "A Mormon President".   Plus,  hairy-legged women shouldn't go to Canada.

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Jeremy Horpedahl is skeptical about Iowa's Tax Holiday this weekend.  Iowans are ready for a tax law change.  Then,  a former Planned Parenthood employee, Sue Thayer,  blows the whistle on her former employee for fraud.  A big lawsuit.  Mike Norton, Senior Counsel the Alliance Defending Freedom.  Jennifer Bowen from Iowa Right to Life, Kim Lehman, John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute with the rest of the story.  Then, could there be local media bias in reporting Chick-Fil-A Day?    Dang right.   Some of it down-right funny.

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Senator Harkin says making Catholics pay for stuff they don't like under Obama-care is just like making Quakers pay taxes for the military.  Really?  (sort of admits this is a tax).  Joel Gilbert says the mainstream media is starting to take notice of "Dreams of My Real Father" selling documentary.  Chick-Fil-A Day.   Gary Kreep from The  US Justice Foundation says bullying Chick-Fil-A won't work.  

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