Secretary of State Matte Schultz talks about pre-election issues including the presence of UN poll observers.  Obama warns states they can't interfere with UN observers. Information packed.

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Sonya Heitshusen from WHO TV 13 has some insight into who is giving to whom in this election cycle.  Then Mark Bowden takes us to The Finish: the Killing of Osama Bin Laden.   

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Michael Drew talks about "Pendulum" the "we" vs "me" cycles of history.   Ben Lange wants to be 1st District Congressman.  Tara Ross defends the electoral college.  "Enlightened Democracy".   Issues.

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Gerald Celente editor of Trends Journal says we're in deep shinola.  Deeper than ever.  Congressman Steve King talks issues.  Iowans have opinions.

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Responding to a caller who said people are unemployed because they are lazy.

 Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 10:05 AM

To: Mickelson, Jan
Subject: Good grief, lazy people?



 Yes, I'm sure poor people, old people, young diseased/disfigured/disabled people, etc. just sit around trying to be lazy.

 Has absolutely nothing to do with there being NO jobs for most people.  Ever tried to find a job? Especially in the contemporary economy, where possession of advanced degrees renders one "overqualified" (i.e., threatening to established executive assholes), or where lack of bilingual ability means you can't work in call centers, or where 8,000 applicants flood in for every promising opening?

 I am fortunate in that few people have the stomach to prepare themselves to perform my job.  But victim-blaming is wrongheaded and cruel.  You may just as well blame rape victims for being raped.  Cancer victims for having cancer.  Cattle for being born in a cage.

 Just evil.

 Dr. T



 You so are right..   there are no lazy people.     “Lazy” is simply an outmoded concept.    Now,  the indolent are merely a  misunderstood minority.   I was going to say that if we could just  “walk a mile in their shoes”  that we would understand their pain.   But,  since the indolent really don’t ever walk that far,  we don’t share the  necessary distance to form true understanding.    Fortunately we have the solution readily available.   We can import people who don’t know they are victims.   But as you have already observed,  you lack the bilingual ability to communicate with them.   I really don’t blame you for lacking the requisite language skills.    And I certainly won’t think you are lazy.   It’s not your fault.   You might even be a victim yourself.   If so,  you are welcome to all the unearned dignity to which you are entitled.



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Dr. Steven Kirby with "Letting Islam be Islam: Separating Truth From Myth"... then, it's the start of the high school tournament season... throwing the weak teams to the strong teams...must by character building.  Then non-human rights?   Capturing the next generation for the animals.

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Ross Peterson sits in for Mickelson.  A debate on Measure "A" on the ballot. Great discussion.

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 Every year about this time I come down with a vicious case of Ohio Valley Lung Rot…and I lose my voice.   It happened again this year.   I feel just fine, but I can’t talk. I still get hungry so I did something I almost never do.  I went out to eat by myself, at a family restaurant.    I always wonder about people who come to family restaurants by themselves, yet there I was.  All by myself.

 In the next booth was the lion’s share of a couple of families.  Two moms, three very young children and a grandpa.

 There was constant stream of babbling coming from the children who were the focus of the adult's attention.  All of them.  No adult conservation at all.  Just constant babbling.  No, it wasn’t annoying in this case.  It was terrific because the moms were actually listening to the babbling coming from the kids, understanding it and interacting with it.

 “Were you hungry?”

 “Babble, babble”

 “Are you full?”

 “Babble, babble.”

 “Was it good?”

 “Babble, babble.”

 “What was the best food?”

 “Babble, babble.”

 When, the babble got a little loud, mom would say, “Now that’s loud enough, a little softer.”

 Note, she did NOT say, “Shut up!”

 One of the little ones stood up and turned around to where I was sitting, back turned to their booth.  The sprout started babbling in my direction,

 “No honey, that’s not OK. Sit down and talk with us.”

 “Babble, babble”

 No fuss, no yelling.  Just patient, direct, respectful feedback from a loving, highly skilled mom.

 The two moms,  the kids and grandpa got up to leave at the end of the meal Grandpa taking up the rear.  Turning my way as he passed by, he quietly said, “Sorry”.

 I gave him a big smile, “Not necessary.”

 They disappeared around the corner and were gone.  Back to my coffee.

 Moments later Mom re-appeared around the corner with one of the toddlers.

 “You left your picture?  Let’s find it.”

 “Where did you sit?” she asked.  Knowing perfectly well where the kid sat.

 “Is anything there?”

 “Babble, babble.”

 “There it is.”

 “Is that it?”


 “Let’s look.”

 “Turn it over.”

 “Is that your picture?”

 “Babble, babble.”


 “We found it!”   Mom said like she’d just discovered the missing continent.

 “Very good job.”

 “Babble, Babble.”

 She picked up the sprout and disappeared around the corner again.

Now I know why people sometimes come to family restaurants alone.  It’s so they can observe the continuity of life, before they themselves disappear around the corner.



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"Obamcare On Trial" Professor Einer Elhauge says there is constitutional history for requiring a health care mandate.  Romney likes Jenga?  What does that mean?  Kirk Krikorian explains the ACLU demand for driver's licenses for Iowa illegals under Obama's illegal Deferred Action.

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Mona Kilborn and Peggy Davis talk about the high costs of illegal immigration in Iowa.  An upcoming Minutemen rally in Des Moines Saturday pm at Iowa Statehouse. 2-5pm   Iowans have much to say about the failure of Iowa's political class to protect taxpayers.  People of Marshalltown are getting bullied by open borders activists.  

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