Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination--Thomas Bogar.  What happened to those guys anyway?  Des Moines steals the tax refunds of people who fail to pay their gotcha cam fines. The tax guy says if scoff-laws won't pay, then taxpayers will have to raise the difference.  Then,  Jim Glassman says let's build an economy and stop saying "No" so much.

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Iowa racism?  Jonathan Narcisse ruminates.   Then,  and Iowa Ice Trucker, Jeff Parkis talks about driving on the ice highways in the tundras of Alaska.  Plus the racism of  Donald Sterling has wrinkles not being discussed.

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Pardon the Disruption: the future you Never saw ComingClayton Rawlings says technology will soon be able to extract "truth",  and nothing but the truth  from people accused of crime.  Then,  why government needs to have some influence on marriage.  Not a bunch,  but some.

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People are always asking me for recommended reading lists.     Ok.   These are my Seven for Summer. 

1. “The Making of America” by  Cleon Skousen.       This is my “smart book.”   It matches Madison’s notes taken during the Constitutional Convention with the final product.  If you wish to know of their original intent,  this is your first stop.

2. “Defending the Declaration: How the Bible and Christianity Influenced the Writing of the Declaration of Independence” by Gary Amos.      It’s the how and why the DOI is part of the organic law of the USA,  a treasure trove of ammo.

3. “When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession” by  Charles Adams.   If the mere reading of the subtitle of this book makes you feel queasy, then, you’ve been worked over and for you, this book will be an eye-opening elixir.   As usual, it’s “follow the money”. 

4. “A Disease in the Public Mind: a new understanding of why we fought the Civil War” by  Thomas Fleming.    This is a cautionary history and a warning against today’s mindless political invective which infects our culture 24/7.  The din amongst our chattering class, social media, our culture’s cultural troll factory, makes this generation’s civil discourse almost impossible.   A similar “disease” then,  took us from trash talk to real bullets.

5. “The Politics of Guilt and Pity” by Rousas J. Rushdoony.    He wrote,  “…the human race, in apostasy from God, is deeply involved in a rebellious claim to autonomy and in the guilt which follows that claim.”    The tactics of the welfare state are laid bare, and made silly.    

6. “The Christian Prince: Putting ‘Civil’ Back into Civil Government”,  by Buddy Hanson.   This is a vigorous antidote to both Machiavelli and Alinsky.   The old truism,  “…you can’t beat something with nothing…”  is answered with vigor.

7. “From Tyndale to Madison: How the Death of an English Martyr Led to the American Bill of Rights”  by Michael Farris.    Just chasing the footnotes of this rich and inspiring history should keep you busy for a long time.




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Matt Schultz,  Iowa  Secretary of State, explaining some hiring and firing controversy.  Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers are coming to  Paton, Iowa. Saturday.  Plus lotsa tricky issues.

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James Graham writes about the Kennedy's affection for sailing, Victura.  Sunday book signing at Beaverdale Books at 2pm.  Tie softball games, outrageous.  Then a scam phone call from the IRS.   A man runs down a bald eagle with his boat.  And an Iowa cop, shooting instructor shoot himself.  And PETA wants to build a 10 foot tall memorial for turkeys killed in a truck accident.  

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 The US Senate Family Forum is coming up April 25th.  Bob Vander Platts.  The Chinese are stealing from Iowa seed companies.  A big legal yawn?  Steve King has earned Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's ire.  What's up with that?  And we have to pay the money losing business of dog racing to go away.  

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General James Jones wants the political class to move on the Keystone XL Pipeline.   Now!   Dr. Lee Hieb follows up on a listener question.  Then, Rev. Mike Demastus (alias Debbie Downer) offers second thoughts on the "Heaven is For Real" book and movies.  Iowans are really into it.

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Elaine Marie Cooper is a great story teller...Fields of the Fatherless.  Simon Estes had a great speech at the Annual Iowa Prayer Breakfast.  He had a great message of forgiveness and love. Then, Diane Kautsky, Woodard Hearing has an upcoming expo...April 30th,  keeping what ya got.

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 Dr. Lee Hieb is running for Iowa Governor as a Libertarian.  Great conversation.  Dr. Gary Pusillo is an Iowa Forensic Pathologist who is explaining the PED pig loss.  Hugh.  Then, John Stewart is an apologist who explains the truth of Easter.

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