Shariaism is Here, Joy Brighton--feminist liberal who says even liberals are beginning to catch onto the toxic brew.  Alex Newman says taxpayers have paid for just about every phase of Shariaism.  Time to Stop.  Then,  Iowans worry about the 275 marines Obama in sending back to Iraq.

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Some feedback conversation on the anniversary of "Field of Dreams".  A visiting Hispanic pastor gets "profiled" by Des Moines police.  He's not happy.  Making a fuss.  Have a case?  

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The gay lobby raises its flag under the Stars and Stripes in Israel.  Now Christian teams can't pray at state tournaments.  Obama tells Iraqis they are on their own.  Congressman Steve King reacts to Iraq and the Republican leadership vacuum.

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This is a re-run.  Back in 2006, Robert J. Allison described in "The Crescent Obscured"  why our invitation to Islam to sample democracy wouldn't work.  This is worth a listen.

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Andrew Kelly says we have to re-design the entire student loan program.  "Room to Grow"    Then, some of the illegals wondering across the border are headed to Iowa.  Then, Orphan Train...Amanda Wahlmeir is curator of the National Orphan Train Complex in Kansas.  Then,  Iowa Iraq vets ponder the collapse of Mosul.

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Gravel Dust...the story of a recovering Iowa meth addict, Larry Mongar.   Dinesh D'Sousa talks about "America: Imagine a World Without Her" a new book and soon to be released movie.  Sam Clovis thinks about fixing what ails Iowa.  Senator Rand Paul says Hillary's Taliban comments are so wrong.  And why not let illegals trade military service for citizenship?

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Tamara Scott, Iowa Republican National Committeewoman (person) firing up the troops.  Then,  Cargill is dumping gestation crates.  Iowans respond.   Then, a follow-up on the Orphan Train history.

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Illegal immigrants...unaccompanied kids are streaming across the border by the thousands..  The Obama response?  Spending 2 million dollars to buy them immigration attorneys.  Iowans have their own ideas.

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D-Day remembered and FDR's political incorrect prayer.  Dr. Lee Hieb, Libertarian candidate for governor.  And political class continues to supply us with unintended humor.

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Scott McEwen, Target America, author of American Sniper, with a novel warning for our future...OTM (other than Mexicans) mean us lots harm...terrorism is inevitable.  Bob Burg, Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.  Insightful...then Senator Chuck Schumer says Congressman Steve King is the Wizard of Oz.

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