Brain Maker, Dr. David Perlmutter talks about the Power of Gut Microbes to Heat and Protect Your Brain for Life.  Susan Swain and  Mark Farkas from C-Span on First Ladies: Presidential Historians on the Lives of 45 Iconic American Women. Then, the gay lobby keeps driving our kids to suicide.  What to do about it?   Oh,  here’s the story about the women who wants to marry an amusement ride.  And Dr. Judith Reisman’s  free book on the Kinsey, Sex and Fraud.

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Dr. Michael Jackson from Harbor View Medical reports on the effectiveness of using one’s own stem cells to repair joints and connective tissue.  Vigorous.   Then, some Valley HS students want to deny Dowling Catholic High School the use of their football field cuz Dowling supports Catholicism. 

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Romantic Violence?   A former skin-head tells how he overcame.  Congressman Steve King is confronting the jurisdiction of SCOTUS on same sex marriage issues.  Then, Walt Heyer a former transgendered man advises Bruce Jenner not to do

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How to explain why treaties don’t usurp the Constitution.  Constitution 101.  And grunting for worms.

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Dr. Warren Farrell and Dick Woods,  (he only has an M.Div) working on the White House Counsel on Boys & Men.   Then, presidential candidates:  Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Rand Paul, on the Fuel Choice and Deregulation Act , and Governor Scott Walker.

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Tony Perkins says if there is a culture war, win it.   John Whitehead says we need to get our country back under the Constitution.  Dr. Tim Church,  expert on nutrition and exercise.  

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Poop on the Poop In.   Man shoots his Dell…justifiable computercide.   Rep Chip Baltimore explains his opposition to a parental rights bill against rapists.  And Ben Affleck is embarrassed by his family tree.   Iowans have embarrassing roots too.

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 Getting the spring guy gadgets going…Jeff Nicholson from  P&P  Small Engines.   Senator Rand Paul talks about his faith.  Then,  a new reading program in Des Moines off on the wrong foot.

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Matt Schultz and Janelle Malone are interested in honor victims of crime.   Jillian Kay Melchior wonders why Al Sharpton continues to skate on a 40 million dollar tax bill.   John Griffiths from Wright outdoor solutions gives the options about the invasion of the ash bore.

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David Bozell is President of ForAmerica…fixing the tax code.   Then Obama’s press secretary says Senator Grassley has been in Washington too long.  Plus no minimum wage hike for Iowa?  Then,  Governor Huckabee warns against getting into the military until we have a new Commander in Chief.

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