Wednesday January 10 2007


Ross Peterson sits in for Mickelson.  He talks about VA benefits,  the war,  and broken promises.

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Tuesday January 9 2007


Taking an oath of office on the KoranWhat does it mean?   Spirited discussion.  Governor Vilsack's last State of the State address.    And what to do with Iowa legislators who violate their oaths of office?

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Monday January 8 2007

"Creation as Science"  Hugh Ross  says he has a testable model approach which could end the creation/evolution wars.  Christian Ucles and Greg Stevens share  Iowa debate champions with us.  Then Iowans aren't satisfied with one the 2006 Idiot Awards.  Let the embellishment begin.

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Friday January 5 2006

Gettin' hitched in prison for life?  Yup...  Busting a high school girl's basketball poster cuz it has pictures of plastic guns?   Yup.  Life serves up more nonsense and we serve up great conversation.

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Thursday January 4 2007 Jonathan Narcisse  delivers another knock down blow to the fraud the Iowa education establishment has become.  Check out the new educational progress chart on Iowa Live.   Then,  much spirited open-line conversation.
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Wednesday January 3 2007

Aftermath thinking about the President Ford funeral and the Hussein execution.  Lotsa spirited open-line conversation.

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Tuesday January 2 2007

Post holiday trip jabber.   Catching up on trip info and wondering if Iowa needs toll roads.

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