Friday February 29 2008



EA Vander Veer will help you  "Facebook: the Missing Manual"...   Planned Parenthood doesn't flinch while accepting money from racists.    Robert Murphy tells why increasing taxes on oil companies will just bump prices at the pump.   Dr. Chad Rohlfsen wants parents to be informed about vaccines. 

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Thursday February 28 2008


Bunch of nonsense. Why are there no good songs about Corvettes anyhow?  Will the Obama veil o' scales every fall?   Then,   Joseph Piscatella on the "Road to a Healthy Heart". 

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Wednesday February 27 2008


The deadline for Iowans to vote on a marriage amendment is approaching... Chuck HurleyFather Frank Bognano,  Tamara Scott and Dawn Stefanowicz, gay rights about the dangers of judge-made same sex marriage in Iowa.   Lotsa openline follow-up too.   To call Senator Mike Gronstal, 281-3371 or Rep Pat Murphy 281-3221  to encourage them to Let Iowans Vote  on the marriage amendment.

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Tuesday February 26 2008  


Lotsa great openline... I quit as a nanny.   Then,  ranking members of the Des Moines School Board talk about local issues.  Dick Murphy, Connie Boesen, and Ginny Strong.

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Monday February 25 2008


David Reynolds  writes about "Summits: Six Meetings That Shaped the Twentieth Century"...better to talk than shoot.  Chuck Hurley  wants the Iowa legislature to give Iowans the right to vote on the gay marriage issue. Children's Bill of Rights?   Then,   researchers from  Iowalive  give us a state-of-the state of Iowa's education report.  Emergency!



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Friday February 22 2008


Much great talk on the state of Iowa education.   I mean,  Great talk....   The most positive stuff in a long time.  Big smile!

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Thursday February 21 2008


 Senator Brad Zaun says he's trying to take the profit out of divorce.   Lotsa powerful conversation.   Then,   Davenport wants to hold parents accountable for children's misbehavior.   So the ACLU is suing them.    SIGH....


Check out Iowa's New Math Standards...  :)

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Wednesday February 20 2008

First,  Representative Lance Horbach with a smoking ban update.  Scary and Hilarious.    Senator Paul McKinley  with a progress report on SF 3097...he concludes this isn't about raising the standards of Iowa's education system,  but a power grab by educrats to kill off local control.    Worse,   the core of the core curriculum  is rotten (constructivist).  


And for something really different...  last week I had a chance to visit the Jacobson Academy at George Washington Carver Elementary school in Des Moines.   It is a co-operative effort amongst the school,  the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa  and Judy Hintz from Educational Resources.   It is a pilot program designed as an afternoon after school remedial program for academically distress kids.    I was invited to a roundtable discussion of the evaluation of phase one....about 4 months into the program.   Plus a sample of the actual classroom demonstration.   Very cool.    (Please excuse the poor camera work...  I'm a radio guy, ok?  with an el cheapo flip cam)

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Tuesday February 19 2008



Former Congressman Billy Tauzin is now the President and CEO of Pharma USA,  promoting the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.   Then,  a couple of federal probation officers want to clear the path for former felons to get work.  Mike Elbert and Burt Maroney are launching the I-80 Re-entry Job Fair Expo.

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Monday February 18 2008


More Iowa  anti-smoking nannyism.    Lutherans lead us not unto temptation.... ok,  so we had trouble focusing.   It's Monday,  OK? 

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