David Yepsen,  former Register political writer sits in...issues

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Patrick Albanese sits in...issues...college education bubble.

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Patrick Albanese sits in...issues.

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Ross Peterson sits in...  issues...  a spokesman from One Iowa on gay issues.  

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Congressman Steve King... sits in for Jan...  issues..

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Iowans play armchair economists and theologians for a while...then a bunch of really great Christmas stuff....some of my favorite Christmas songs.

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Senator Lindsey Graham says Dems ate Reps lunch in the lame duck session. Why?   Then,  Senator Grassley says now that DADT has been repealed he'll help the military make it work... huh?   Iowans respond.  Then,  Scott Mickelson talks about gold and silver.  Then something silly,  for no particular reason.   Then, something beautiful...cuz it's Christmas.

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 2010 Notable Quotables...the annual best case examples of flagrant political flag waving on the part of media types.  Tim Graham serves up the awards.  Then a distressed family is being forces out of housing which doesn't meet code.   Iowan's respond in a big way.   (Park Ave Christian Church..288-1914)  Merry Christmas

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Professor Roger McEowen, ISU Ag Law expert evaluates what stayed the same and what's changed in the new tax code bill.  Money Issues.   Dr. Jim Blessman  is taking Iowans on a health mission in South Africa.   Then,  Barney Frank tells why the estate tax is justified.  Iowans respond.

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Raymond Francis tells how "Never Be Sick Again".. then,  if Christmas music is offensive,  then just re-write the lyrics...everything is solved...right?   Paul Shanklin...Songs of the Revolution...his latest parody cd.   Then,  Iowans respond to the end of DADT. 

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