Joshua Academy begins its 5th year and is expanding...the good news.  Rev. Keith Ratcliff and Chris Hurley.  The New York Times says Wall Street is exploiting ethanol credits...Scott Mickelson explains the techie stuff.  Senator Rand Paul tries to figure out what Obama meant when he said raising the debt ceiling doesn't mean more debt.   Then, Iowa Fraud Fighters...Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart... and  a caller says his gun was registered and confiscated at a traffic stop...what the heck?

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Taylor Baldwin Kiland was in the Navy Yard during the attack...she brings "Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton"...why some people thrive, why others collapse.  Clayton Cramer says Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill is still killing innocent bystanders.  Rep Walt Rogers wants to be a Congressman.  And an Iowa pig farmer is making national news.

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The crazy disinformation on the internet...mental illness taken seriously enough?   Ilan Berman says Russian is facing Implosion...The End of Russia and What it Means for America.  And Des Moines rate payers won the battle,  but are about to lose the war...but should we pay the lawyers anyhow?  

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 A theologian, philosopher, and educator, from the last century Rousas Rushdooney wrote, “The messianic character of education has not changed, its mission has expanded exponentially, but its effects have been perverse.”   The messiah’s daddy,  Horace Mann, said, “The Public (Common) School is the greatest discovery ever made by man…other social organizations are curative and remedial…public education is a preventative and antidote…”

 Speaking of the kids, Mann wrote, “…teach him the facts about his body, and youth will be less tempted by gin, swearing and tobacco.”    Add to that list, teenage sexual irresponsibility, illicit drugs and bullying.    Mann promised, “…let the public school be expanded to its capabilities…and nine-tenths of the crimes in the penal code would become obsolete…”


 Read the rest of my  latest column on Lew Rockwell...

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Msgr. Frank Bognanno explains what the Pope meant when he wrote that atheists can go to heaven even if they dis-believe as long as they keep their own conscience.   Then,  Thomas Pyle says Obama should put the Keystone Pipeline back on tract.  

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 Sam Clovis is running for US Senate.   Issues...spirited conversation.   Then,  the bully seminar movement is is bullying.   The science observes that bullying increases after schools run the programs.   Then,  "Is the Pope Catholic?"  Talking about some confusing papal statements.

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Trying to fix what's busted in the prison system... Suzanne McComas...uncommon sense.   Emad Shenouda is a Coptic Christian Iowan, explaining the risk Christians in Islamist countries face every day.  And Sheriff Warren Wethington says he's fine with the blind getting permits to carry. 

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 Emily Gets Her Gun...Emily Miller talks about the 2nd Amendment and her dust-up with Piers Morgan on Iowa gun laws allowing the blind to carry guns.  Congressman Steve King on his Egyptian fact finding trip.   Matt Whitaker, Senate candidate--issues.  

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Dr. David Perlmutter busts the "Grain Brain"...says dementia comes by the spoonful.  Ron Packard says K-12 says online schooling already exists and is capable of giving kids a great start right here in Iowa.  And Iowans are still thinking about the blind guy who is packin' heat.

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 Frugal Isn't Cheap...Clare Levinson gives some practical money advice.  J.D. King  reports on "Crying Wolf" environmental zealots have almost destroyed the US elk and moose populations.   And giving a gun license to a blind guy?  

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