Tara Ross says Democrats are trying to change our form of government by trashing our electoral college.   Newt Gingrich says he wants to toss a wrench into the Obama machine.   The Iowa's establishment are still pushing open borders in Iowa.

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Stephen Meyer thinks he can read the Signature in the Cell....darn it...means we will never rebuild dinosaurs.  Maggie Gallagher says the Boston judicial ruling on DOMA has Elena Kagan's finger prints on it.  Dr. D.C. Gray says Obama's death panels and rationing are back with a vengeance.   Then an Iowa drunk makes national news...driving a lawnmower...does one have the right to drive drunk on one's own property?   Great Question.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources brings in a passel of interesting folks... Naneen, Joel, Kathy and Craig...inspirational.   Carrie Severino blasts Elena Kagan as an unqualified SCOTUS nominee.    Penny Nance says TSA wants to filter nasty stuff from their computers...and it ain't porn.    Are the people who feigned outrage over Congressman King now a little embarrassed?   Should be. 

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Congressman Steve King takes on the Obama Arizona lawsuit.  Fierce.    Drowning doesn't look like drowning...some of the best summer survival info available.  

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William Voegeli says there is "Never Enough"  OPM for the welfare state.   So let's fix it.   Then Iowa odds and ends open-line.   Fun

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Thomas E Woods with a how to fix it book ... "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century"...a humdinger...best book of the year.   What caused cops to appear in Des Moines 144 times  in just a few hours?  Then,  Iowans recall their own experiences with runaway horses. 

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New DNR regs for boating safety...several reps...Susan Stocker, Nate Hogevein, and Aaron Arthur with a Q&A.  Then,  a black bear mauls a hiker in Kentucky,  setting off Iowa bear phobics.  

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Christian Adams says Steve King is right about the Obama administration's "favoring blacks over whites"...former DOJ attorney who says the Obama adminstration won't defend the voting rights of non-minorities.   WHAT?   Then, Iowa State Senators Randy Feestra and Jerry Behn say the Culver administration is about to hire 1,100 new state workers in a time of budget distress...WHAT?   Chris Tucker say environment activists are trying to block access to a treasure trove of natural gas.  A critique of "Gasland".  And flood-watching.

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 Senator Grassley serves up a great question to SCOTUS nominee Kagan.  Result?   Brain freeze.  Solution?  Gun rights  5-4 "vote" is not a good sign.  Congressman Steve King...issues.

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Iowans wonder about water damage,  analyze an anti-King hit piece and rate the ethics of rest stops...  just for starters.

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