Nuther bad judge gets nominated.  Penny Nance says Judge Robert Chatigny is unfit to serve.   Nuther traffic atrocity.  Then,  Fred Karger is a gay Republican...he wants to run in Iowa.   Ok?

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Dave Funk running for congress...issues.    Karl Rove coming to Iowa...issues.  John Wohlstetter defends Israel for flotillagate...Sarah endorses Terry...issues.

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 Rod Roberts running for Governor of Iowa.   Issues.   Then,  does Iowa need a leader like New Jersey's Governor Christie?  Issues.

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Heather Cox Richardson takes us back to Wounded Knee...what caused the massacre?  Politics.   George Eichhorn wants to be Iowa's Secretary of State.  Issues.  Brett McMahon wants to Halt the Assault on the taxpayers by union pensioners.

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Andrew McCarthy explains The Grand Islam and the Left Sabotage America.    The USDA sissified....the usual suspects. Who did it?   Arthur Brooks thinks The Battle is a fight worth fighting.  It's the 70-30 battle.  Then,  what can a census worker really do? 

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 Professor David Meyer  from Regent University talks about recent miltary history and future conflicts....extremely interesting.    Wayne Karlin wonders about Wandering Souls...sorting out the personal histories of the Vietnam War.  They did what to the Honor Soldiers on the way from Iowa to Washington....they really put them through security?  AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!   An editorialist says a candidate (Dave Funk)  taking an oath to the Constitution is an extreme position.   Huh?    Then some delicious history about our flag.

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Jim Gibbons wants to be a congressman.   The Iowa Congressional Delegation splits it's vote on Don't Ask, Don't Tell.     Iowans with military experience gives them an earful.  Spirited.

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Square Foot Gardening....the next generation...Mel Bartholomew and Walter Jahncke.  Senator Chuck Grassley says he'll vote no on higher oil taxes to pay for oil spill clean-ups.  Then,  welfare raccoons take over parks...the rest of the story.

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Morry Taylor,  CEO of Titan Tire,  promoting a golf tournament,  and updating us on his political views.    Emmett McGroarty, National Director of Preserve Innocence and Iowa's new director, Eric Goranson, want to hold the system more accountable to virtue. 

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Lotsa open-line.   Slipnot remembered.  A Muslim tower where the Twin Towers used to be?  Racy pictures at the mall? 


Grade school art video?   Teacher suspended....enough?

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